Caring For Your Dyes

All of Gold Coast Dyes' hand-tied and hand-dyed items go through an extensive process in order to ensure quality and colorfastness. Despite our traditional processes, our garments are made for modern life and don't require much attention.

All items are:

  • washed and dried to pre-shrink and remove any sizing
  • pre-treated in an eco-friendly soak for colorfastness
  • hand-dyed with premium, professional-grade, eco-friendly dyes
  • hand-washed with textile detergent to remove excess dye particles
  • washed alone in a washing machine to remove dye particles, air dried, and pressed with an iron to permanently set color
  • dried in a dryer to return softness to the fabric before being shipped out

Some items with brighter, bolder colors may release a very, very small amount of dye in one or two subsequent washes despite the lengthy post-treatment. All items can be worn/used with confidence the moment you receive them! When washing for the first time at home, wash your Gold Coast Dyes alone on cold on speed cycle. All subsequent washes can happen on cold with like colors. Your items can be dried in a dryer, but hang-drying is preferred.